Ebang Communication Announce Mining Machines Line-Up Ebit Miner E-11

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Ebang Communication recently announced the launch of its new mining machines line-up Ebit Miner E-11. These mining machines from the Chinese Bitcoin (BTC) mining company will continue the race for hashrate arms. The advertising materials revealed that Ebit Miner E-11 devices work on 10-nanometer semiconductor technology to achieve hashrates in the range of 30 and 44 trillion hashes in every second (TH/s).

The company made this announcement at the recently held World Digital Mining Summit in Georgia’s Tbilisi.

Hashrate decides the success of block verification

Hashrate indicates the computing power of a mining device. In general, if the hashrate is higher the success rate of block verification is also high. At present, after combining the power of all the existing mining devices live on the Bitcoin (BTC) blockchain the total comes to around 50 million TH/s.  The cost of electricity required for running such machines is very high. Hence miners do not prefer using such mining devices at home.

That is the reason, more often companies having the capacity to run machines in large numbers mine Bitcoin. Even then people use these machines by linking their smartphone devices to a network. This allows them to be a part of the overall machine mining and take home a share for themselves from the combined takings. Thus, this is the way users form a mining pool.

 Ebang’s new machines will be the most powerful one

The new mining machines from the Zhejiang-based Chinese company are yet to come in the market, their specifications indicate that they will be the most powerful machines around. These new machines will offer a lot of mining rigs to the Bitcoin miners. The three new ASIC mining devices will be compatible with SHA-256 coins. The company highlighted its three models on its advertisement display promoted via messaging service WeChat and Chinese forum. The ad says that the three new Ebit mining devices will include E11 (30TH/s), E11+ (37TH/s) and Ell++ (44TH/s).

These mining devices will compete with the next generation ASIC BM1391 7nm Finfet chip design revealed by Bitmain Technologies in Tbilisi during a mining event.


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