Blockchain Project PAI Debuts Launch at London’s Financial Centre

Blockchain Project PAI Debuts Launch at London’s Financial Centre

International Blockchain Project PAI recently held their launch event in London. The company is proposing to harness digital information to create customized Personal Artificial Intelligence. The data could also be integrated into digital Artificial Intelligence Digital Avatars. Such avatars would look similar and sound alike with the individual personalities.

The bubbling enthusiasm of the cryptocurrency industry seems far-fetched to reach wider support. Crypto coins are wooing London Investors into the trade which means blockchain projects will easily enter the London Market.

PAI seems to be a revolution especially on the side of people wishing to have home choir assistant robots that could help with easy tasks.

AI Blockchain Technology

Project PAI is based on the Bitcoin Blockchain Protocol. The network infrastructure also connects to a torrent network that enables data exchange. The data links are decentralized in a way that allows the network to send PAI coins with an encrypted data link so that data is recorded on the Blockchain. The decentralized data is immutable to enable users to have more control over their data. Traditional miners act as end authenticators of every user that submits their information to the ecosystem. The miners and authenticators are rewarded with PAI coins.

The project recently launched its Git repository as well as its main network. PAI will enable fully fledged utilization of all the data that is created from the user experience of individuals during activities like online shopping, social media usage, mobile payment, online banking or health management applications information.

Most investors claim the project’s success comes from a wide array of investors. Some of them including major companies and research institutions. The technology was earlier adopted by ObEn, an Artificial Intelligence company based in the United States of America. The company was also able to contribute its proprietary technology that helped in the creation of PAI distributed Blockchain.

The Launch Event

Project PAI coin has been listed on a number of leading exchanges. Bitfinex readily avails the coin to UK based investors. The tickets for the launch were in high demand signifying high interest from UK based investors for the cryptocurrency space.


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