AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) Unveils Blockchain Solutions Suite Using Microsoft and IBM Technologies for Businesses

AT&T Unveils Blockchain Solutions Using Microsoft and IBM Technologies

AT&T Inc (NYSE:T) has announced the launch of blockchain solutions suite tapping the Microsoft Corporation (NASDAQ:MSFT) and IBM (NYSE:IBM) technologies. The advanced blockchain solutions help the businesses across various segments to manage and track the information efficiently.

Who can Benefit from AT&T Blockchain Solutions?

A lot of industries namely healthcare, retail and manufacturing can use AT&T Blockchain solutions developed using the distributed ledger technologies. The business processes can benefit from automation and monitoring capabilities of IoT solutions offered by AT&T.

The quality of the products starting from the production process to order, and delivery can be tracked with ease. The distributed ledger technology also helps to minimize the wastage and redundant stocks. It provides accountability and transparency to the supply chains.

Integration with Microsoft Azure and IBM DLT Platform

According to AT&T, the business data can be recorded on IBM Blockchain Platform. The blockchain platform of IBM supports various industries including supply chain, logistics, and provenance. The infrastructure assets can be managed with higher reliability by integrating Asset Management Operations Center with IBM’s Maximo Network.

The open source based Microsoft Azure cloud platform provides support to ledger protocols including Ethereum, Quorum, Corda, and Chain. It also provides topologies for a single member and multi-member consortium. The platform also supports development and testing efforts.

Vice President (Alliance Businesses Development) of AT&T, Andy Daudelin said Blockchain is more than cryptocurrency or Bitcoin. The edge to edge solutions developed using Blockchain is used for automated tracking. It also helps the businesses to monitor and control the environmental conditions during the processes.

Mark Wright, VP (Sponsorships and Media Services) of AT&T, said blockchain solutions ensures transparency and hence meets the company’s goals.

Technology to Reduce Carbon Emissions

Carbon emissions can be greatly reduced using technology. AT&T aims to achieve 10x savings in the carbon footprint of the operations by the year 2025. Its executives are already working on this front to realize this goal. The company is also developing IoT solutions to help the customers to achieve the same.

AT&T Unveils Mobile 5G in Additional 5 Circles

AT&T is planning to unveil mobile 5G in San Antonio, Louisville, Houston, New Orleans, and Jacksonville in the year 2018.


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