Cardano Releases a Development kit To Design Innovative ADA dApps

Cardano To Design Innovative ADA dApps

The crypto project, Cardano, decides to release a development kit to enable design of ADA decentralized Apps (dApps). It is as per the announcement at the time of launch of Cardano. Cardano is developed using Haskell, the heavy duty coding language, to deliver advanced features.

The development team of Cardano comprises Emurgo, and IOHK. Cardano is developed with an aim to make it a decentralized, independent crypto currency economy based on the smart contracts, and blockchain. As announced, Input-Output Hong Kong (IOH) has successfully introduced the Rust SDK. It allows developing multiple products with the help of Rust programming language on top of Cardano.

Cardano Supports Decentralized Applications Development

Rust compatible Cardano supports the development of decentralized applications. Open source library – Rust SDK acts as a database, allows developers to design dApps with a wide range of functions. The company validates the new developments with the help of peer reviews. It ensures the release of code free from glitches and bugs into the network.

Charles Hoskinson, the founder of IOH, commenting on ADA dApps development and Rust SDK, said Rust Project promotes Cardano. According to Hoskinson, the Rust Project opens connectivity to talented developers to spur the growth of the community of Cardano.

Though IOHK has plans to support programmers working projects using Javascript, Cardano decided to work with more secure Rust language. Director (Education) of IOHK, Lars Brünjes says Rust SDK is here to make Cardano more accessible. The Rust SDK allows developing the code faster just like c++ but also offers more security.

The Cardano Cryptocurrency – ADA Commands Market Capitalization of $18.6 Billion

The Cardano cryptocurrency – ADA holds a market capitalization of $18.6 billion just one year since its launch in October.

Benefits of Cardano Against Bitcoin (BTC)

The Cardano network is designed in two layers. The first layer Cardano Settlement Layer (CSL) supports transactions. It allows monitoring of the transactions in the network. CSL works like a transaction and value ledger.

The second layer in the Cardano network is Cardano Computation Layer (CCL). It is developed for running the code that is intended for smart contracts and decentralized applications. Therefore, it is more secure and better than Bitcoin.


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