Xbox Co-Creator Joins Animoca Brands To Focus On Mobile Blockchain Gaming


Ed Fries, the co-creator of Xbox, has joined Animoca Brands to focus on mobile blockchain gaming. Ed Fries will take up an advisory role in the development of blockchain capabilities for the new company. He will also seek to increase the operational base of the company and offer strategic advice to the board of directors. The recruit brings in a wealth of invaluable experience to Animoca Brands. Before joining the firm, he worked on a similar advisory capacity at Sandbox blockchain game. He has also overseen the development of notable games while working under Microsoft Studios. The most renown of these is the Xbox, a project he worked on until retiring from the company.

Recruiting the new staff is part of an ongoing process of improving the value of Animoca Brands spearheaded by Ya Siu, the Co-founder of the company. The company has also made advances in other areas to achieve this objective. For instance, the firm has recently cooperated with MANA to develop games that support cryptocurrencies in their platforms. Additionally, the company has entered into partnerships with companies such as OST to create games that can support blockchain technology.

Recent trends in blockchain gaming

These developments by the company point to a new trend among many gaming companies. About that, the need to create games that support blockchain technology appears to be a priority in many companies. Many CEOs of gaming companies consider blockchain technology the future of gaming, particularly on online platforms.

The challenges facing blockchain gaming

Sadly, the demand for blockchain technology by gaming companies faces a significant staffing challenge. Here, companies are finding it difficult to acquire the right caliber of staff to take advantage of the current market trends. This is because the technology is recent and few experts exist in this field. Companies like Animoca Brands are taking measures to address this challenge. The recent recruitment of Ed Fries is proof of their relentless effort to hire quality staff to dominate the blockchain gaming market.

Whether the company will succeed remains debatable. Nevertheless, based on the current trends, the company is likely to achieve market domination considering it is one of the first major companies to focus on blockchain gaming.


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