Facilitates South Korean TMTG’s Entry Into The Philippines Market In A New Partnership


The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG) and investors in Philippine can now buy TMTG’s tokens from Through the partnership, will be responsible for selling and distributing TMTG’s tokens in Philippine.

The Midas Touch Gold (TMTG) has stated that their tokens are backed by actual gold reserves in Korea making them exceptionally safe to buy and trade in.

Holders of the TMTG’s tokens can buy digital gold bars from Digital Gold exchange (DGE) which can then be converted to physical gold bars that can then be delivered to the investor. The owners of the Digital Gold Exchange (DGE) are praising this futuristic endeavor. Speaking about the news that the crypto was to be listed in BitForex, Mr Kwak the company CEO stated that;

“As roadmaps are created to be kept, we at DGE are following our promised roadmap without any deviations by continuing to get TMTG listed on key global cryptocurrency exchanges according to schedule. While many cryptocurrencies are being birthed and buried, in the future, only utility coins that allow easy transactions to real-world goods or currencies that can be exchanged or kept, will survive.”

Broader market coverage

The partnership has made it easy for TMTG to penetrate the Philippine’s market. Up until the dawn of this partnership, Filipinos have had to use third party services from authorized digital currencies exchange companies like Betur to buy cryptocurrencies.

With as little investment as P1,000, Filipinos can trade in cryptocurrency with TMTG’s tokens. Philippines is proving to be a lucrative market for cryptocurrencies exchange platforms especially after the government allowed cryptocurrencies operators to do business in its economic zone. Over 10 blockchains and virtual currencies firms have opened shop in the Philippines since the government expressed goodwill in cryptos.


Philippines like many other governments that have allowed cryptocurrencies firms to operate in their soil faces the challenge of regulating these virtual currencies. However, the Filipino government is preparing trading legislations that would only allow genuine cryptocurrency exchange platforms to operate. This will go a long way in protecting investors from losing their hard earned cash to fraudulent firms aiming to scam them.


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