Sony developing a new Digital Management Rights ( DRM) using Blockchain Technology


Sony has announced on Monday that it is working on a new DRM tool that will leverage on blockchain technology to protect digital content’s rights. The new copyrights protection system will be rolled out first in the company’s education wing, Sony Global Education to protect rights for digital educational materials, authenticate and distribute the content.

The blockchain technology

The cryptocurrency space is built entirely around the concept of blockchain technology. However, traditional financial institutions are leveraging on the technology to achieve a decentralized, fast, secure and cost effective payments. Besides traditional banks, various other sectors of the global economy are adopting this complex system that is proving to be quite versatile. Kodak for example is also looking to create its own DRM system to protect intellectual property rights for content creators across its network much alike to that of Sony.

Sony Global Education trial

Sony already has a flawed DRM system and will have the new system based on its framework. The resultant tool will encompass features of the initial system spiced up with the benefits of the blockchain solution. The new system will allow users of Sony’s educational materials to trace content to their creators. They will also establish when and where the content was developed. Users can verify the authenticity of the materials before using them.

With the blockchain technology the educational content will be available in an open-source ledger where users can access but would not be able to make any changes on them. Sony has also stated that upon a successful deployment of the DRM for its written educational material, the tool will also be experimented in other sectors the company has interests in including music, film, Virtual reality content among several others.

Sony deals with a lot of digital data and it sure needs a secure system to share, store and protect the intellectual property rights for these materials. The blockchain technology as has been witnessed in several other sectors that it has been successfully deployed is an exemplary solution. The company will be joining several other players in the industry that are having it easy with the blockchain technology.


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