Viuly To Introduce New VIU Token Smart Contact Address In The First Week Of November


One of the biggest challenges facing Viuly at the moment is the inability to account for exact number of tokens. In this view, the blockchain video sharing platform is introducing new VIU token smart contract address.

According to a press release, there is no realistic account of VIU tokens. Per the release, the intention is to eliminate dead tokens from circulation. This is because the dead tokens give a non-clear picture of the market capitalisation of VIU tokens.

Massive airdrop

Viuly is a video sharing platform that enables users to send and receive content. Particularly, the blockchain network facilitates immutability of content. As a result, there is certain authenticity of the content as well as integrity. Also, the project is popular for one of the highest number of offers in an airdrop. Viuly distributed 500,000,000 in an airdrop to about 900,000 Ethereum wallets.

As Zycrypto reports, the purpose of the airdrop was to showcase the utility of the token. As a result, the airdrop attracted a large number of new clients. Particularly, the platform was able to earn more trust compared to other ETH20 tokens available in the market.

New VIU token smart contract address to replace dead tokens

However, Zycrypto explains that a substantial number of the dispersed tokens “was never utilised by latent wallet proprietors.” The cryptocurrency news outlet adds that the tokens could never be functional due to lost private keys or other reasons.

“Due to these various issues, Viuly has decided to change the smart contract address for the VIU token. The change will reveal realistic statistics information of VIU token and most importantly, eliminates dead tokens from circulation,” the press release explains.

Particularly, there is a new page through which users can exchange their tokens. Dubbed SWAP, the page is available on, the official company website. Interestingly, the new token will retain all the properties of the previous token including name and functions.

Further, Viuly advises users to get the new VIU token smart contract address before the set deadline. In addition, there are further instructions on the company website that will guide users throughout the process.


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