Top Rated PayBito Cryptocurrency Exchange Platform Clocks 1 Million Plus Daily Trading Volume


PayBito, the top-rated cryptocurrency exchange platform achieved a milestone recently when it clocked 1 million-plus daily trading volume. Incidentally, the achievement will add more fame to its already notable claim to it as the largest White Label products producer in the world.

Offerings of native digital assets have increased recently; as a result, there is a stupendous rise in the lineup of virtual currency exchanges. However, very few of them really live up to the expectations of the market. Just as it is difficult to recognize an altcoin with true potential and value, it is equally difficult to track down the exchanges that fulfill all the requisites related to a successful digital currency exchange. These include reputation, security, agreeable, customizability, available information, and fee structure.

PayBito leads cryptocurrency exchange platform popularity

Since it is difficult to sell underperforming services to a market with technical know-how, the users and the potential investors are always on the lookout for established names that boast of accomplishments and proven track record. Increase in traffic is the major indicator of the credibility of an exchange because pricing information is more accurate on the platforms that experience higher transaction volumes.

That is where the cryptocurrency exchange platform PayBito leads. Its multi-signature crypto trading platform’s recent rollout SegWit uses bank-level security standards for protecting users from frauds and hacking. The platform monitors KYC checks and AML prior to allowing the users to load their wallets for making a purchase via an app.

PayBito to come out with two exchange platform versions

The cryptocurrency exchange platform allows trading using Bitcoins (BTC) as the basic cryptocurrency after the user successfully completes the AML/KYC checks as required by the law. At the hindsight, it would be ridiculous to believe that every user who traded on the exchange made up in the one million plus trades because each of the traders can never have identical requirements.

At present, PaybBit wants to fulfill these respective expectations of each trader by introducing two separate exchange platform versions. These two PayBito Pro and PayBito Basic Version will cater to two different set of requirements of the traders.

PayBito is already quite popular in the U.S. and other global markets owing to its PayBito White label packages that include popular virtual currencies like Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin, Litecoin (LTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), ERC 20 tokens and HCX.


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