Recover My Bitcoins or I Put Miami Airport under Siege- Indian Teen Threatens

Recover My Bitcoins or I Put Miami Airport under Siege- Indian Teen Threatens

An eighteen year-old boy from the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh is under investigation by the Indian authorities for allegedly threatening to blow up Miami Airport over lost Bitcoins.

The high school teen reportedly made a tidy sum over a period of 5 months trading in bitcoins until he was scammed all his proceeds by a fraudster purportedly from the US. The scammer promised the boy a lot more profits but ended up disappearing with everything instead.

Looking for help

Realizing that he has been scammed, the boy made numerous calls to the FBI hoping they will investigate and apprehend the fraudster but to no avail. His last resort however, that brought him troubles is a fateful call he made to the authorities of the Miami Airport threatening to terrorize the airport by storming in “ with an AK-47 assault rifle, grenades and a suicide belt.”

Investigating authorities later established that the threats were made from a couple of emails and phone numbers signed up with fake IDs.

FBI not amused

In the spirit of not negotiating with terrorists, the FBI alerted the Indian National Investigation Agency (NIA) which commenced investigations that ended up uncovering the boy’s residence. Though no formal arrest has been made probably because of the boy’s tender age, he has nonetheless been charged with several crimes under the “Indian Penal Code and the IT Act for impersonation and issuing terror threats over internet/calls.”

The threats have been squashed as ‘naïve and unintentional’ although pending further investigation. He is however, not getting any justice concerning his lost digital assets considering that cryptos are not legal tender in India and that there are no governing bodies that regulate trading in digital assets.

It is likely that charges against the crypto-savvy teen shall be dropped. Whether or not he will engage in digital assets’ dealings in the future, it is worth noting that he will need to tread cautiously as the industry is noisy with online scammers and hackers who can rob you off your investment in split seconds.


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