Tech Giant Microsoft Launches Azure Blockchain Development Kit To Empower Blockchain Developers

Azure Blockchain Development Kit; built on serverless technology

Microsoft is an industry veteran when it comes to developing software. Interestingly, the firm has a history of helping developers to exploit their software ideas. In that respect, the tech giant announced the launch of Azure Blockchain Development Kit to help blockchain developers.

According to a blog post, the new development kit lowers the barriers to development. In particular, developers can easily utilise developer tooling and enterprise integration. Further, they can easily leverage DevOps, PaaS, and SaaS in their creations.

Azure Blockchain Development Kit built on serverless tech

Further, Microsoft leverages the “serverless offerings from Functions and Logic Apps to Azure DevOps and IoT Central remove friction for development in the cloud.”

Using the serverless technology, Microsoft built the Azure Blockchain Development Kit. Interestingly, the solution integrates seamlessly with all of Micsrosoft’s softwares and third-party SaaS.

The new development kit is just another effort by Microsoft towards helping developers work easy. In particular, the tech giant already had the Azure Blockchain Workbench in existence. The solution provides developers with a platform to create their softwares “without much heavy lifting.”

Initially, it used to take developers even months to deliver on their software projects. However, the Azure Blockchain Workbench made that easy. Specifically, the workbench incorporates Azure services for key management. Further, it facilitates off-chain identity while monitoring data in the most efficient way available.


Also, the workbench incorporates a seamless process of integrating messaging APIs into reference architecture. With such services at hand, it gets quite easy to build and maintain blockchain-based applications.

The Microsoft Azure solutions are quite indispensable to organisations looking to get the most out of their products. Due to the services offered by the solutions, there are applications in operation working towards various objectives. For instance, there are applications securing the food supply in the UK.

However, unlike the workbench kit, the Azure Blockchain Development Kit centres on three main themes. First, it will help developers formulate excellent connecting interfaces. This will speed up integration of APIs. Further, it will be easier to integrate data and other software systems. Lastly, and most importantly, developers will easily deploy smart contracts and blockchain networks.


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