South Korea To Host Regional Offices For Enterprise Ethereum Alliance

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance; opens regional office in South Korea

The blockchain sector is increasing expanding its borders as many more people get curious about it. However, this is unlike cryptocurrencies which are in the midst of doldrums. To take advantage of the blockchain interest, the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance (EEA) is expanding into East Asia.

In a news release, EEA announced the opening of a new office in Seoul, South Korea. The new office will make the entity’s footprint permanent in both the country and the region. Further, the office will help to coordinate and engage the growing EEA community in the region.

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance appoints head of regional office

Furthermore, EEA appointed Joonho Park to head the regional office. Apart from having great experience of the region, Park leads one of the most important blockchain businesses in South Korea. In particular, he is the Co-founder and CEO of QraftEther Inc.

Park together with his team at the regional office will drive the EEA agenda. Further, they will enforce the EEA standards and certification programs in the East Asia region. In essence, the main aim of the move is to accelerate the global adoption of the EEA guidelines.

The choice of Korea is down to the country’s vibrancy in terms of blockchain technology. Ron Resnick, Executive Director of EEA, noted, in comments on the move, that Korea is the ideal location for offices.

“Korea is one of the most dynamic and fast-growing blockchain markets. Given the strong EEA member base in the region, we are thrilled to welcome blockchain business leader Joonho Park to head our new hub,” Resnick said.

Collaborative partnership

Enterprise Ethereum Alliance has had a great run this year. Early October, the entity announced a collaborative partnership with Hyperledger to advance the global interests of blockchain businesses.

In particular, Hyperledger would provide open source technologies for the ecosystem while EEA would enforce the required standards. Essentially, both entities share the need to accelerate the mass adoption of blockchain among companies.

At the time, Resnick asserted the collaboration would avail great opportunities for the advancement of blockchain.

“Collaborating through mutual associate membership provides more opportunities for both organizations to work more closely together,” Resnick said in regard to the collaboration with Hyperledger.


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