Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NSAV) To Acquire 25% Stake In T.C. High Tech Herb

Net Savings Link, Inc to acquire 25% stake in T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.

Net Savings Link, Inc. (OTCMKTS:NSAV) in an announcement confirmed that it has acquired a major stake in T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc. In the announcement, the company disclosed that it had purchased 25% stake in the New Jersey-based company renowned for the production of liver purifier supplements.

Trademarks and Patent Filings

The products trademarked in the U.S as LIVER PURIFIER has had exemplary sales of over $5 million. NSAV is seeking to beef up the brand’s Trademark with more U.S and global trademarks.

Furthermore, T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc. is already in the process of filing for U.S patent protection and FDA application for the product. LIVER PURIFIER which is a product of joint research by top-notch U.S-based medical scientists and researchers passed convincingly a study by the world-class University Medical center. The study confirmed that the product was indeed effective in liver purification with no worrying side effects to patients.

With that kind of approval for the product, any investor in the medicine industry can see the company’s potential probably the reason why NSAV plans to acquire an extra 25% stake in the company but this time from unassociated stakeholders.

When the negotiations for the additional acquisition materializes, the company can them work on its previous announcement where it planned to jointly develop a CBD OIL medication and supplements with T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.

Chinese Operations

NSAV has been in an acquisition spree this year with T.C. High Tech Herb, Inc.’s acquisition bringing the company’s year to date tally to three. Last year December, the company through its Chinese arm Vital Strategic Research Institute (VSRI) agreed to help Eli Lilly with the assessment of “Cardio Vascular Disease (CVD) in newly diagnosed diabetes patients at risk of CVD in China.”

Over 200 million Chinese are diabetic and are predisposed to CVD infections. According to James Tilton, president of NSAV, the collaboration between the two entities will help save lives as well as make money.

NSAV has contracted the services of the Wilton Group, a notable London-based auditor and accounting firm to come up with a fair valuation of LIVER PURIFIER to establish the buying price of the acquired 25% stake.


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