About Our Writers

Name: Paul Green

Bio: Paul is a commodities expert who holds an BSc in geology from NYU and an MSc in Corporate Finance from Ohio State University. He’s worked in a variety of roles for natural resource companies, most recently as a lead exploration manager for a billion-dollar gold mining company in Canada. Outside of rocks, his interests include collecting art and fishing.



Name: Matthew Tighe

Bio: Matthew started his career as a trainee solicitor with a big four firm in New York before pivoting to try his hand in the equities game. He has since amassed a wealth of experience in the space with a focus on technology and innovation, particularly at the crossover between finance and the internet. He’s currently interested in the way that blockchain technology is going to revolutionize finance and is focusing his attention towards identifying potential leaders in the space.




Name: Sam Evans

Bio: Sam has been an equities analyst for the better part of ten years, having previously worked on the sell side at a top firm in Sydney. He is published across a number of the leading financial news and analysis outlets and manages his own portfolio. His top areas are biotechnology and mining with a preference towards long-only positioning.

Name: Susan Lee

Bio: Susan Lee was born and raised in Australia but made the jump to East Coat US in the late 1990s to pursue a career in actuarial sciences. With nearly two decades of experience in actuary and portfolio management, she is well positioned to advise on risk mitigated equities portfolios. She loves diversification and her two young boys.


Name: Eli Adelman

Bio: Eli is a New Yorker with an eye for counter-trend investing, having held influential analyst positions at a number of top Street firms. He was born and raised on the East Coast and holds a Bachelor of Science in Economics from NYU. Outside of the equities space, he’s a keen flyer of light aircraft.